Hilton Head Workers' Compensation Attorneys

If you suffered an on-the-job injury that prevents you from working, then you need the help of an experienced workers' compensation lawyer. You are entitled to workers' compensation benefits when you are injured at your place of employment. It is important, however, to act quickly to obtain the financial help you deserve.

Your employer cannot hold your claim against you, and you owe it to yourself and those who depend on your income to seek the highest rate of compensation available. Speak with a Hilton Head workers' compensation lawyer today to begin protecting your rights, your income, and your family's well-being.

Getting You the Most in Your Settlement or Award

Based in Hardeeville, South Carolina, we help clients who are suffering from work injuries maximize their workers' compensation benefits. We calculate income from second jobs into our clients' settlement, which is often missed when applying for workers' compensation without an attorney.

Do not miss getting all that you may be entitled to. Our attorneys will also assist you in applying for supplementary benefits such as Social Security Disability, long-term disability, and short-term disability, when applicable.

Contact a Beaufort County Work Injury Attorney

Our Beaufort County attorneys handle workers' compensation cases involving many types of work-related injuries. We represent clients who are suffering because of equipment malfunction and faulty machinery. We also represent people injured in a work-related car accident Link to Motor Vehicle Accidents or attending work outings. We have experience representing both employers and employees, which gives us valuable perspectives in each case from past experiences.

Contact our workers' compensation lawyers for a free initial consultation to discuss your workers' compensation case. Our lawyers are available by appointment on weekends and evenings.

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