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Radiation exposure in the workplace

All employers have the legal responsibility to keep workplaces as safe as possible. However, some workplaces are inherently at risk to dangers such as radiation, and there is only so much that can be done to limit this risk. Employees always have a right to a safe workplace; therefore, there are a great deal of protections in place if an illness or injury does occur, especially due to radiation.

Radiation is something that is vital for life, but when it exists in excessive quantities, it can be extremely damaging, resulting in tissue damage and even death. Radiation can be found in many different types of workplaces; therefore, employers must control it to a very high degree, and offer compensation to any workers that have suffered as a result of the damaging effects of radiation.

Taking positive action after being injured by a car

As a pedestrian or cyclist, you are more vulnerable than drivers on the road. Therefore, all drivers have the responsibility to exercise appropriate care in order to avoid any possible dangers. If you have been hit by a car as a pedestrian or a cyclist, you will know that it can be a traumatic experience, and you may even ask yourself whether you were to blame for the incident.

No matter the circumstances, you should take the following actions if you have been involved in an incident.

Understanding energy employees’ compensation rights

If you are an energy employee and you have become ill as a result of your work, then there are protections in place to help you through this difficult time. There is also support available for relatives and dependents of those who have been injured or killed at work as an energy employee. These benefits are made possible by the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA). There are two main categories by which support can be accessed: part B or part E.

Part B

What is an encroachment and what can be done about it?

You might be on amicable terms with your neighbors until they construct a shed that is built partially on your land. This might have been an honest mistake; sometimes it is difficult for property owners to know exactly where the property borders lie. You may not have such an issue with the shed being built partially on your land, and would rather not create an unnecessary conflict. However, it could have some consequences in regard to the value of your home if you decide to sell. So what's the best way to deal with an encroachment is a diplomatic way?

Dealing with an encroachment without a conflict

What to consider about title insurance

Title insurance is often a slightly neglected procedure that isn't the first thing that home buyers consider.

It is, however, an important factor to conduct before any property transaction, whether you are purchasing or refinancing a property.

3 teens are critically injured after a hayride accident

A pickup truck crashed into a trailer carrying several Jasper County residents enjoying a hayride the evening of Saturday, Oct. 28. The accident happened just before 8:00 p.m. along Tarboro Road.

Apparently the pickup's teenage driver had been driving a little too close to the truck carrying the hayriders when it crashed into it. At least seven of the revelers, some of which had previously gone to school with the boy who caused the crash, were ejected from the trailer with the impact.

What constitutes distracted driving?

In order to drive safely, drivers must give their full attention to the road and the route that they are driving. Therefore, if a driver is engaging in any other activity when driving, they are not giving their full attention to the road that they are on.

Distracted driving is a very broad label that is given to many different actions. This could be texting on a cellphone, changing the music, giving attention to children in the back of the car or putting on make-up. Distracted driving should be avoided when it is possible, because it leads to thousands of accidents every year and can be tragic.

Getting compensation for radiation exposure

As a worker in the industries of mining, milling, transporting metals or nuclear weapons, you are under a much higher risk than the general population of being exposed to radiation. Although there are many protections in place to prevent exposure to radiation, it unfortunately does occur, and workers become subject to dangerous levels of radiation.

If a person is exposed to high levels of radiation, several illnesses can occur as a result. These can happen several years or even decades down the line. If you have worked with nuclear weapons under the Department of Energy (DOE), whether it was as a full time employee or as a contractor, you have special benefits assigned to you in regard to medical care and compensation for illnesses relating to radiation exposure.

Dog bites: Can landlords be responsible?

Injuries due to dog bites can be a serious problem because they occasionally lead to serious injuries, lost time at work and emotional trauma. In rare cases, they can lead to death. It's important that the government issues penalties toward those that enable dog bites to happen in order to prevent further cases and to provide a form of compensation and damages to those who were affected.

This blog will provide a brief overview into to what extent landlords can be held responsible for dog bite cases.

Settling neighboring property disputes

When you buy a new property or piece of land, it is likely to share a border with one or more neighboring properties. This should not usually be an issue, but it means that the fencing area is a subject that concerns both parties. If you are interested in doing further renovations and potentially removing an unsightly fence, it might cause an issue between you and your neighbor. It can create confusion as to whose land the fence lies upon, and whose responsibility it is to choose and pay for any upgrades to the border fence.

This blog will provide a brief introduction into what the law says about property border disputes, so that you can understand how to move forward with your issue.


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