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Dog bites: Can landlords be responsible?

Injuries due to dog bites can be a serious problem because they occasionally lead to serious injuries, lost time at work and emotional trauma. In rare cases, they can lead to death. It's important that the government issues penalties toward those that enable dog bites to happen in order to prevent further cases and to provide a form of compensation and damages to those who were affected.

Settling neighboring property disputes

When you buy a new property or piece of land, it is likely to share a border with one or more neighboring properties. This should not usually be an issue, but it means that the fencing area is a subject that concerns both parties. If you are interested in doing further renovations and potentially removing an unsightly fence, it might cause an issue between you and your neighbor. It can create confusion as to whose land the fence lies upon, and whose responsibility it is to choose and pay for any upgrades to the border fence.


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