3 teens are critically injured after a hayride accident

A pickup truck crashed into a trailer carrying several Jasper County residents enjoying a hayride the evening of Saturday, Oct. 28. The accident happened just before 8:00 p.m. along Tarboro Road.

Apparently the pickup's teenage driver had been driving a little too close to the truck carrying the hayriders when it crashed into it. At least seven of the revelers, some of which had previously gone to school with the boy who caused the crash, were ejected from the trailer with the impact.

By the time Jasper County Fire Rescue workers arrived at the crash scene, they found several of the teens suffering from severe head injuries.

One of the victims, a 15-year-old Hardeeville boy, had been sitting among friends near one of the hayride's rear ramps when the truck was struck. His mom says that his head struck the trailer's ramp knocking him unconscious for several minutes before emergency crews were able to respond to the scene.

The boy was rushed to the hospital with what was later determined to be both facial and a skull fracture as well as a broken jaw. By Monday, he'd undergone surgery on his jaw and by Tuesday, he was released to go home. His mom was told by doctors that she should expect it to take at least six weeks for him to recover from his injuries.

As for the boy's other two friends that were sitting on either side of him during the hayride, they also suffered critical injuries. One has also been released to go home, but must come back and forth to the hospital for intensive physical therapy for the foreseeable future.

His other friend is still being cared for in the intensive care unit at the hospital. On Monday, he was finally able to breathe for the first time without the assistance of a ventilator. He is said to have suffered both a lacerated spleen and liver and to have suffered a gaping head wound as well.

The South Carolina Highway Patrol notes that they're still investigating the crash. It's unclear if the pickup truck's driver will face any charges for his role in causing the crash.

If you've been critically injured in a truck accident, then a Hardeeville personal injury attorney may advise that you're entitled to recover both current and future medical expenses in your case, as well as other damages..

Source: Jasper County Sun Times, "1 released, 2 remain hospitalized following hayride accident," Shellie Murdaugh, Nov. 01, 2017

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