Taking positive action after being injured by a car

As a pedestrian or cyclist, you are more vulnerable than drivers on the road. Therefore, all drivers have the responsibility to exercise appropriate care in order to avoid any possible dangers. If you have been hit by a car as a pedestrian or a cyclist, you will know that it can be a traumatic experience, and you may even ask yourself whether you were to blame for the incident.

No matter the circumstances, you should take the following actions if you have been involved in an incident.

At the scene

Of course, the first action to take on the scene is to move to safety if at all possible. If you are still conscious after the accident, then the adrenaline that is rushing through your system may influence you to behave with anger. Try to stay calm and focus on following procedure rather than starting an argument. The driver should not leave the scene until the police have arrived. If you are well enough to do so, you should obtain all of the driver's details, and take as many pictures as possible.

After the accident

Using the driver's details that you obtained at the scene, you should start an insurance claim to recoup financial damages by contacting their insurance company. It is a good idea to only share factual and nonemotional details with the insurance company unless you have consulted with a legal advisor.

As a cyclist or pedestrian involved in an accident, it is important that you take action to put right what may have been an emotionally or physically traumatic event.

Source: CityLab, "What to Do When You're Hit By a Car," accessed Dec. 28, 2017

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