Permanent disability from a South Carolina work injury

When you are at work, your employer has the legal responsibility to keep the working environment as safe as possible at all times. However, accidents and incidents do happen, especially in high-risk industries.

It is for this reason that workers' compensation has been put in place. It is designed to protect workers from the injuries that they have endured because of their work. It is primarily designed to help workers recover from injuries without struggling financially. However, if you suffer from a permanent impairment as a result of a work injury, the process can be a little more complex.

If I'm disabled due to injury and unable to work, how do I file for benefits in South Carolina?

Your doctor will first need to report the extent of your impairment. After this has been done, the South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission will decide on your eligibility and whether these benefits will be ongoing. They will have a meeting with you in order to discuss your case to make sure that everything is done fairly.

I have a permanent impairment because of a work injury, but I am still able to work. Can I still get additional benefits?

If your doctor can officially confirm that you are permanently impaired to a certain percentage, then you will be able to receive a certain amount of compensation, even when you are still earning a full wage.

If you are struggling with a decreased quality of life because of a work-related injury, it is important that you take action to get the compensation that you deserve.

Source: SCSAF, "Permanent Impairment & Disability," accessed March 22, 2018

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