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Be aware of foreclosure rescue scams

When you are concerned about losing your home to foreclosure, you will likely find yourself feeling stressed and desperate to find a way to stop foreclosure from happening. Keeping up with a mortgage in difficult times can be seemingly impossible. However, as a homeowner it is important that you stick to legitimate strategies of getting out of your situation.

Understanding quiet title actions

When you participate in any type of real-estate transaction, it is important that you understand all of the terminology relating to the situation. It can be quite common for people to misunderstand terms, and as a result, they can lose out on a potentially lucrative opportunity.

What is an encroachment and what can be done about it?

You might be on amicable terms with your neighbors until they construct a shed that is built partially on your land. This might have been an honest mistake; sometimes it is difficult for property owners to know exactly where the property borders lie. You may not have such an issue with the shed being built partially on your land, and would rather not create an unnecessary conflict. However, it could have some consequences in regard to the value of your home if you decide to sell. So what's the best way to deal with an encroachment is a diplomatic way?

Settling neighboring property disputes

When you buy a new property or piece of land, it is likely to share a border with one or more neighboring properties. This should not usually be an issue, but it means that the fencing area is a subject that concerns both parties. If you are interested in doing further renovations and potentially removing an unsightly fence, it might cause an issue between you and your neighbor. It can create confusion as to whose land the fence lies upon, and whose responsibility it is to choose and pay for any upgrades to the border fence.


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